Saturday, 7 September 2013

004 - Ian Baddeley

Its catch up time for the blog.
I haven't just been sitting around waiting for people to come to me. No. I've been busy e-mailing people through facebook, and a lot of people have been busy not replying......
This hasn't done my confidence any good when it comes to competing this task. This task is mamouth. The meet up with 14 people a week is hard in itself, but when I will be meeting up with people who I haven't seen since I left school, or even meeting up with people I have never met (ok, I may have a few Daniel Shaw's as friends who I don't really know.)
004, found me having to travel for the first time, only 30ft, but travel is travel.
I went to see my very good neighbours Ian and Angela. Unfortunetly, Angela isn't on Facebook so I just had to settle for Ian and a lovely glass of wine :)

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