Monday, 9 September 2013

Numbers mean something

It was only after visiting Pat that I realised that some people may want to choose their numbers. When I told Pat he was 005, he sighed and asked if he could be 007 instead. I wasn't in any position to back out of this meet. Pat was helping me out of a huge hole. I needed to get my numbers up, and leaving without a picture so he could be 007 wasn't an option. We did the picture, but it was only on the journey home that I started to think about 007, and why it was so special. James Bond of course. Now I'm not a James Bond fan in the slightest, in fact I'm very anti Bond, but my oldest and dearest friend, Mark Ecclestone was a huge Bond fan, so much so that he had me stalking sellers on ebay who were selling james bond blu ray boxsets (say that after a beer). He was perfect to be 007, the role was fit for him, and his wife would make a perfect 006, so I send a text in hope.......

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