Monday, 30 September 2013

029 - Gary Strang

So the night started by meeting up with 002 and her other half to go out for a meal. I grabbed my bag, and 001 asks 'Why are you taking you bag?' to which I replied 'It has my facebook friend t-shirt and board in, because you never know who you may bump into'

How right I was. After a lovely meal, we then went to my old local pub where, to my amazement, sat in the lounge area (the posh bit) was another local poker legend. Gary Strang.

A few things I should mention about this picture. Firstly, I was a little bit drunk, and secondly the photographer (001) was a little bit drunk, and this led to the flash not being put on the camera, and me saying the pic looked ok. It was only when I sobered up the next day when I reaslied the picture was a little bit dark.

Really good sport to have some drunk guy in a facebook friends t-shirt harrassing him on his quiet night out with the missus , and let me have a picture with him.

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