Wednesday, 25 September 2013

023 - Natalie Soleiman

On to Keele to meet Keele's longest serving student.
Had a lovely time catching up on old times and, coming away from seeing 023 made me realise that it's not just about meeting people, it's about keeping in touch with people. I am as guilty as anyone. I look at facebook and pick up what people are up to, where they have been on holiday, who they are going out with, who they aren't going out with, and in my head, I'm still interacting with these people, even though I aren't.
Time becomes less and less when you get older and have other commitments, but these people, no matter how much of a small influence of your life they had, still have had an influence, and still have shaped you as the person you are today. You should at least make time to see people, because when I think back, I had some great times with these people, and for one resson or another, you lose contact, but these are still the same people that you had so much fun with, and I feel it is important not to forget that.
Thanks Natalie bringing back all the good memories of Keele Hall

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